Cop Cry - Sidelined MotoCop

Cop’in too large a donut, eh?

Why’d they have to use my bike as a barricade?

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Cop Cry on sidelined motorcycle

Captions from our readers...

Why did they have to go and take the training wheels off my dang motorcycle?
Charles Burr

My wife is going to kill me.
There, there, lets go get you a donut.
Why riding side saddle is not Police department approved.
Joel Jacks

I knew I shouldn't have let my son play with my powertools and my bike.
Tiara Shanafelt

Come on babe, let's get us a donut. Will that make you feel better?
Now, now, be a big boy and dry those tears.
They won't put you back on push bike patrol - it's only a minor mishap.

Michael Hopson

How many times have I told you -
you need to stop hiding behind the stop sign so people can see you.

Now, now - how many times have I told you to be careful with the radar gun - it's not a toy.
Headline:  “Citizen fights back by ramming a police officer known to be giving out outrageous tickets to speeding citizens.
Phaej San

Now now, don't cry or we're gonna have to change your bike from a Road King to a 'Road Queen'.
Tim Nicholson

Have you ever wondered what really happened to 'the cop' from the Village People?
L.B. Scott

Ahhwww!!! - I faw down, go Boom...
Irvin Kauffman

The taser gun has a saftey you know!
Tony Holt

Maybe next time I should spread the load by placing some of my bullets on the right side of the bike.
Trevor McMutie

Whahh! I hurt my pinky!
That’s the last bike the department has. All that’s left is the walking beat.
I’ve broken the horses’ legs. Now, I’ve smashed the last bike.

Roger W Hancock

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