Racing Grandpa

When age meets youth on the race track - wheely good fun!

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Grandpa racing his grandson - scooter vs tricycle bike

Captions from our readers...

Danica Patric's son... in training.
Move over, Grandpa!
Yeah, but does yours have a Hemi?
Kirk Lowry

row rait a darn rinute, ry reeth rell out, no rair - i remand a redo!
Jeremy Wise

Put your Happy Meal where your mouth is, ya little punk...
Larry L. Doub

Next NASCAR event will draw crowds of all ages.
Ron Wells

It's no Indy 500...
Mickey Stoll

Why I oughtta!
Chris Le Mottee

You're goin' down kid - I just took a nitro pill.
Terry Mossip

Hey old man, THIS is not my Grandpa's Geri-mobile!
Andy Ussery

Looks like Grandpa found the Viagra again!
Raymond Beaudoin

Hey, Junior! Let’s do it again!
No fair, my battery and Gerital is running low.
Roger W Hancock

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