Shopping Cart Hotplate

When you need to temper your meals, a shopping cart will do

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Shopping Cart Hot Plate

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Honey, I bought you that supermarket-brand hotplate you wanted!
Ben Goodwin

Okay, lessee... got the tent, campfire, bread, eggs... dangit, Herb,
you forgot the milk!!!

Kirk Lowry

That's not what I meant by eggs a la carte!
Laurie San Miguel

Wal-Mart Press Release: “Here is proof of another Wal-Mart Associate Perk.
We give them a discount on the food, provide a handsome grill,
and let them use our back lot for a minimal cost.

Ron Wells

A real take-away dinner!
Idske Mulder

Summer 2006 is almost here. To celebrate this, many supermarket stores are
giving away free barbecues to all that can go and collect them.
All BBQs come with a higher shelf which can be used for keeping things warm!
PLEASE NOTE: Some stores may charge a £1 administration fee.

Wraye Wenigmann

Hocus smokes the 'flamer'. You're going to have a hogapalooza cookout.
Linda Newman

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