Golfer’s Water Hole

Ready for a watered down round of golf?

This one’s PARfect for Lower Rainland golfers!

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Glory Hole - Monticello Dam, California

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Americans have figured out how to steal Canadian water...
Joy Rosebush

Even with your glasses you still couldn't hit that hole.
Toaster Theman

It's God's bathtub!
Tiara Shanafelt

You go get the ball.
No, you go get it!
You're the one who hit it!
Owen Hempton

They weren't kidding when they said 'No tresspassing'...
Poseidon enjoyed his golf course year round.
Cory Prior

This lake sucks.
Ron Wells

Proof positive: There is no Gravity, The Earth Sucks!
Irvin Kauffman

Yes, Governor. Our solution was build a pipeline and send the 'best' part of Lake Erie to China.
Vince Fried

Man, I need an easy hole in one...
Steven Wilson

Fore! Fore! Where's that darn flag stick?
Linda Newman

Within moments of firing up the great hadron collider...
Mark E. Harvey

When walking on water to retrieve the ball, watch your step.
One beginner golfer thought is was the beginner’s course.
Not just a water trap, also a golfer trap.

Roger W Hancock

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