Paint Shop Pros

When Paint Ain’t a good idea

Who needs a computer to become a Paint Shop Pro?

Teach your children how to paint - preferably on paper

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Future Home Depot employees...
Government contractors at it again.
1-800-ADOPT-US... please ask for Brad, their fath... um.... case agent.
Can of paint... $10
Hardwood floors... $7 per square foot
Plasma TV... $2000
Having a wife strong enough to hold you back... Priceless

Kirk Lowry

The warning label 'Keep out of reach of children' got covered up
by a teeny-tiny spot of paint.

Thomas Spencer

Mommy said we can't watch that program!
Irvin Kauffman

Mummy! Daddy! We made you a nice smooth dancing floor
for the party you're throwing tonight! Started on the decoration too!

Idske Mulder

My Kids' Last Day On Earth.
Jacque Sparks

'Casper' wanna-be's!
Babies gone wild.
You missed a spot!
Linda Newman

Missing: Two boys - last seen like this.
Police and Grandparents fear the worst. Parents refusing to comment.

Misty Walker

And when we are done here, Mommy, we'll start on YOUR room!
Dave Ward

Hello, local adoption agency?
Robert Mexico

But, Honey, I only left them for a minute...
Well, it's a 'good thing' we bought water-based paint.
Liz Butler

I heard you tell your friends I was going to be another Picasso. Surprise!
This is my first masterpiece and I made it just for you, Mommy.

Darlene Johnston

Look Mommy - We didn't get any on the wall.
I heard you tell Daddy to use white out when he made a mistake. Is this what you meant?
Della Norton

Mom, you're ruining the surprise. We're not done remodeling the house yet!
Cory Prior

No! No! You’re not going to pull me into that lake!
Tom Clyne

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