Shoes for Well Heeled Shoppers

Toenails & HeelNails - latest in foot fashion: Steeletto High Heels

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Nail Heeled Shoes for ladies who like painful shoe sizes

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Doctor, I keep getting pins and needles in my feet.
Philip Bassett

Q: Didn't know you got married?    A: Yes, finally found out how to nail someone!
New method of saving lots of money: shopping hours reduced to a minimum &
no longer any expenses on the acupuncturist!

Idske Mulder

The reason why women invented ties...
Breaking news: male scientist discovers way to limit wife's shopping sprees...
Yeah, she's got that walking-in-high-heels thing nailed.
Kirk Lowry

Victoria's Secret
Fully Reversible S&M Flats and, for a song... Nine Inch Nails!
Irvin Kauffman

Umm, thanks hunny, but this isn't really what I meant when I said
I wanted '4 inch spikes'.

Jennifer Sutton

I've been nailed. What other colors do they come in?
Linda Newman

Ever heard the phrase 'walking on pins and needles'?
Jordan Perdue

Doctor, I would like to be 4 inches taller please.
Kaelyn Draco

For the girl who loves to be barefooted and still look good in heels.
Audition for pay less shoes... I think she has this one Nailed... Buffy in the nail chain heels.
Honey? Do you still want me to walk on your back?
Della Norton

This gives new meaning to ‘nail me pumps’
Jeffrey Hatcher

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