World’s Highest Tennis Match

Wing Walker Tennis For High Flyers

The loser of this tennis match will never “love” again

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World's highest tennis match on wings of an airplane

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Friggin coach tickets...
Early in-flight entertainment was rather limited before the advent of the VHS tape...
AGAIN???? That's it, you're gettin' the stupid ball this time!!!
Okay, okay... next time I'm servin beverages!
... shoulda used Hotwire ...
Kirk Lowry

In-flight replay my ass, it's still love-nothing!
Irvin Kauffman

Have you seen the ball boy anywhere? Think we're running out of balls soon!
Idske Mulder

Quiet up there guys, you're making too much racket.
Oh, shut up or we'll kick your tin-ass.
Brian Smedley

Pilot:  “Hurry up you two, I'm running out of deuce.
After 6 grueling sets, Jimbo was plain-ly the better player.
Philip Bassett

What started out as a highly anticipated doubles match between the French National team
and the Spanish National team has taken a horrific and unexpected turn for the worse as a player
from each team dropped to his death while changing sides after a service break.

Paul Bottel

This is why Little Penny thought the sky was falling. It was'nt an acorn that hit her on the head, it was a tennis ball.
This is why the makers of air hockey said it was safer than air tennis.
I said hit the ball over the NET, NOT over the PLANE!
C'Mon Hit one TO Me... I want to hit it back.
Della Norton

Where are those ball boys when you really need them?
Nick Amso

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