Ugly To The Bone

What’s even uglier than the World’s Ugliest Dog?

One lean & mean machine waiting for its next victim

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World's Ugliest Dog

Captions from our readers...

Well, I didn't get much meat off the Joe-kster's ankle, so I'll just try mine!
Phil Forde

Bite me.
A face only a mother could... ah, heck. That's just UGLY!
Kirk Lowry

They crossed a sheep with a hyena, and then with a hog.
Never realized they'd create such an eye catching dog!

Idske Mulder

FETCH! Do I LOOK like I play fetch?
There IS reason to fear, Demon Dog is here!
CUT! That's a take! Now Buster, can U do cute and cuddly?
C'mon Lucky, Its time for your next Chemotherapy shot!
Andrew Edel

After the mishap, Scruffy would react violently to the sight of any barbecue
grill or starter fluid. This put a damper any backyard festivities that summer.

Mark Prairie

They fed Gizmo his own leg after midnight to see if it would have the same effect.
Nick Aslett

Take a hike - I was born this way. What's your excuse?
Ian Lehrke

Me? Ugly? I know. I looked in the mirror and I was blinded!
Check out the extra claws on the front legs! And YOU thought it was a dog?
I say aliens DO exist, and find Chihuahuas attractive as breeding prospects!

I would hate to see the owner. You know what they say about dogs
looking like their owners. Eeeeewwwwww!

Mrs Brown

Hey Spike... you wanna play NOW ! well.. .do ya... do ya, do ya wanna play spike huh?
Michele Robson

Steven King's pet dog. Now we know where he came up with 'Pet Cemetery'.
Did you think Cujo was a bad doggie? Well this is his son. You should see his Mom.
Della Norton

Hell Hound Need Blooooodd
Patrick Berechree

Introducing this year at the Westminster Dog Show... the Chernobyl Terrier.
Andrew Ussery

Who else wants to wake me up this early?
After close examination of this creature, Biologist Dr.Smith finally
confirmed that its biological father is Justin Bieber.

Georgie Withers

Gollum’s dog
Ralph Ferraro

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