Male Pedicure

Even a tough guy can get a pedicure!

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Male Pedicure

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... the daily grind ...
Get in touch with your feminine side... in a very manly way.
Kirk Lowry

Jailed - Nailed!
Irvin Kauffman

A little known fact: toe jamb makes sparks!
Leroy had confused 'nail biting' with 'tooth grinding'.
Caution! Wear eye protection when operating power tools.
Mark Prairie

His toes are his woes.
Idske Mulder

The downside of consuming too many iron supplements.
'Iron Nails' Nicholas made sure his new shoes were going to fit.
Marlene K. Goodman

Chuck got tired of waiting for his bunion surgery.
Joanne Campbell

Next week on our show, I’ll do my own circumcision. It’ll be fun!
Mike Morrow

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