Cloth Road

Removable pave-meant for a green environment

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Removable Cloth Road

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'Wrong Way' Corrigan Strikes Again!
Irvin Kauffman

Another way to get laid.
Donald H. Sartori

I'll stop your boyfriend from coming to see you.
I told you not to put this thing so close to the house!
If you don't pay your taxes, you don't get a road.
Now where did they put that traffic light?
Lee Jones

Road coverage
He's an under-cover farmer
Idske Mulder

A Street-Wise guy out standing in his field.
Another Roads Scholar straining to get somewhere...
Bill McCall

Looks like this guy has reached the end of his road.
Marlene K. Goodman

Lead your own path
Girish Gangadharan

Easy street
Greg Pitonza

Private Enterprise Improves UK Road Infrastructure
Andrew Banner

This gives a whole new meaning to the song ‘Magic Carpet Ride.’
Fred Piceno

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