Lobster Suppers

Catholic Church with licensed lobster tales

St. Ann’s Church, Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, Canada

(located a half hour’s drive from Cavendish, P.E.I. - site of “Anne of Green Gables” fame)

Since 1964, St. Ann’s Church has operated AAA-approved lobster suppers in
their Church basement, converted into a dining room that seats 275 people.
The Church has had a turbulent past, once being destroyed by fire and replaced
5 times within the past 130 years. Their specialty: spring-fresh lobster or New York
charbroiled steak. Proceeds from the lobster suppers have helped to pay off
Church debts and complete major repairs & renovations.

St. Anne PEI Lobster Suppers
Do you know why the Church sign above shows “St. Anne”
while the “Lobster Suppers” sign shows “St. Ann’s” (without an “e”)?

Sign near entrance to St. Ann’s Church downstairs dining room
(on a windy & rainy day)...

Each meal comes with a plate of P.E.I. mussels...

Good thing the Joe-kster & Wifey chose the “small” (1 pound) lobster!

... and your choice from 5 delicious desserts (the Joe-kster’s dessert is the one with no calories!)

Manager John Oliver with a few of the parish staff

St. Ann’s Lobster Suppers:   www.LobsterSuppers.com
Open mid-June to late-September, daily except Sunday

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