Table Head Wireless

Where Marconi SENT the 1st Transatlantic Wireless Signal (on 15-Dec-1902)

Table Head, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Morse Code Call Sign VE1 VAS (Voice Of Atlantic)

transmitting frequency 1000 meter band, produced by a 35,000 watt rotary spark gap transmitter

Location where Marconi sent the 1st transatlantic wireless signal
@ Table Head, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Table Head Wireless Station

Actual equipment used by Marconi on 15-Dec-1902 to transmit the
1st transatlantic wireless signal

Volunteer radio operator Jim Charlong (personal call sign: VE1 ALZ,
frequency 14.002 hz - on low end of morse code band)

Concrete pad of one of the four 200-foot transmission towers used to
transmit Marconi's 15-Dec-1902 signal.
This was one of four towers, each 200 feet apart from each other

Marconi had previously RECEIVED the 1st transatlantic wireless signal at
Signal Hill, Newfoundland (12-Dec-1901).
Why didn't he SEND the 1st transatlantic wireless signal from the same location?
Prior to 1901, Morse Code was being sent across the Atlantic Ocean for 16 years
through an undersea cable. It was a very prosperous venture, and the patent for the
Morse telegraph didn't anticipate use of wireless communication.
At that time, Newfoundland was not a part of Canada, and Marconi feared patent
litigation. The Canadian government, led by Sir Wilfred Laurier, saw an opportunity
for wireless communications and gave Marconi $80,000 to setup a station at
Table Head, Nova Scotia - where Marconi had the use of miners from the local
mining town to build his four transmission towers.

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