Elephant Enema

How to give an enema at the zoo

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Giving an enema to an elephant

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Yet another reason why Republicans are requesting lobbying reform.
What happens when lobbyists run low on funds.
Sam Joseph

And this year's award for the 'All-Time Crappiest Job' goes to...
Hey! My keys!!!
Kirk Lowry

If you think this is bad, I only work for peanuts.
I didn't know condoms came in blue XXXXXL.
Hey, I think I found Jimmy Hoffa.
Darn, jobs are hard to find!
Donald Sartori

Jethro had an in-stink-t that this was going to be a long job.
Karen Moore

Another RINO pooped out.
I know I left that hammer somewhere...
Terry Fiedor

Son of a gun. Roger really DOES get pooped out on the job.
You think elephant artificial insemination is bad...
you should see what he has to do to get her to agree to a date!

Marlene Goodman

And on our next edition of Dirty Jobs...
William Dillingham

Stop singing that U2 song, 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for...'
Andrew Banner

After that smear campaign he left the job.
Have you smelled anything out yet?
Idske Mulder

(Guy on the right) Yeah, my job sucks but, at least, I don’t have to do THAT!
Mike Morrow

Hey! I finally found the TV remote... and the TV.
Fred Piceno

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