Redneck Beach Bomb
Tips on attracting girls at the beach

Bubba wasn’t the handsomest lad in the world, but neither was Jethro. Yet every day when Bubba went down to the beach, he came away empty-handed while Jethro left with a different girl.

Overcome with curiosity, Bubba arrived early and waited in his car until Jethro showed up. Rushing over, he said, “Y’know, every day we come down to the beach, yet while you go home with a luscious chick each day, I go home with squat. Please,” he said, “you’ve got to tell me how you do it.”

“It’s easy.” Jethro confided. “All I did was get a tight pair of swim trunks and before I leave home each day, I stuff ’em with a cucumber. Get it?”

Nodding, Bubba thanks him and hurried to the store to buy tight trunks and a cucumber. However, after two days of strutting around the beach, Bubba hadn’t attracted a single girl, while Jethro continued to win his quota.

Frustrated beyond words, Bubba finally went over to Jethro.
“The trunks are fine,” Jethro said, “but there is one thing.”
“What’s that?” Bubba pressed.
“Tomorrow,” he replied, “try putting the cucumber in front.”

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