Blonde Express-ions
How to interpret picket fence hockey

[The Coquitlam Express is a Junior “B” hockey club in the BCHL (B.C. Hockey League), naming their team after the local Westcoast Express rail service that runs through their community...]

At a playoff game, 2 blondes were in the stands supporting their local Express team - trying to catch the attention of the players.

The Express mascot came to their section and wanted to start up a cheer for the club which was trailing the visiting Chilliwack Chiefs in a close playoff game. The mascot intended to throw out 2 signs to the fans: first, a sign with the letter “D”, followed by a sign with a picture that looks like a picket fence - hoping to have the fans shout out “D - Fence”...

However, once the mascot flashed the 2 signs to the blondes, the blondes shouted out in disappointment, “D - Railed?” to the mascot and the local fans’ displeasure!

[... yes, the Express did get “Derailed”, losing out to the Chiefs in 7 games - gotta love those blonde fans!]

Post Note #1: The Chilliwack Chiefs moved to Langley, B.C. in 2006 (becoming the Langley Chiefs) to make way for the Chilliwack Bruins entering Chilliwack in the WHL...

Post Note #2: The WHL Chilliwack Bruins moved from Chilliwack to Victoria in April 2011...

Post Note #3: The Chilliwack Chiefs are back in Chilliwack (2012)...

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