Redneck’s “Shot In The Air” Hunting Rescue
How to attract help when you’re lost in the woods

Bubba and Jethro went hunting for deer in the Catskills. They had never been there before, and pretty soon they lost their way.

As night was setting in, Jethro mentioned to Bubba that he had heard from other hunters that the best way to attract other hunters - and rescue themselves - was to send a shot into the air.

Bubba thought that was a great idea, so he took the first shot into the air. They both waited for a while to see if they could hear any others hunters who had heard their shot, but to no avail.

Jethro stepped up and took another shot into the air - and once again they waited for a long time with no response.

Both became discouraged. They put down their bow and arrows on the ground and decided to try again the next morning.

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