PLO X-Ray - Concealed Weapon

What a PLO soldier uses for a pacemaker

“For those who have iron-poor blood, eat a grenade!”

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I'm sorry to say Mr. Jones, while you were sleeping in your hotel room in
Mexico, a few delinquent kids played a prank on you. Oh and yes this does
account for your anal-bleeding.

Scott Kingsley Clark

I'm sorry Mr. Andrews, but your suicide attempt did not work.
Next time remember to pull the tag....

Katherine Corfield

Well, the good news is... you don't have cancer!
Connor Bastian

Mr. Smith. Please sit down... gently. Now, you have heard of
explosive diarrhea, well, this is kinda sorta the same thing
only it's called explosive heartburn.

Rick Rambin

... so if you exhale, it will pull the pin out and
I think you know what happens then.

Kyle Owens

Well Mr. Saied, it looks like those broken bones have healed nicely
and we can pull out those pins now.

Andy Ussery

... so when my doctor said 'It's the bomb!' and ran away, I just thought he was pleased with the scan results!
So when I read 'For internal use only' on the label...
George Bergmann

Nice work Abdol, but how do you expect to pull the pin?
Mark Pritchard

Was it swallowed or inserted anally?
Helena Pogonowska

Suicide Bomber, run for your lives.
Jessica Bradshaw

Hmm, strange. Those Extraterrestrials keep doing weirder and weirder things to
Abductees. First probing, then switching a victims organs with those of animals,
and now this! They're putting pineapples in people! Now I've seen everything...

Doctor, that's not a pineapple. It's a hand grenade.
Oh, right you are. Well nothing to do now but yank it out!

Yank! Doctor! Watch the pin! What!
Jason Bilberry

"This guy's the bomb!
Cory Prior

Ted Kennedy's surgeon & drinking buddy shows off the results of Teddy's heart transplant.
Art Abshire

NO!  I said Pull the PIN with your teeth and Throw the grenade!
Tim Smith

I know you said it's cheaper this way, but my husband has changed his mind -
he prefers the normal by-pass surgery procedure.

Arthur Azdair

Been there, done that.
Mickey Stoll

On intercom: Nurse, get the bomb squad in here ASAP!
Brad Turek

Pinned in the rush at Sigma Chi!
Irvin Kauffman

That Dr. doesn't know crap. I'm thinking of suing him for false information -
he said my heart was like a TIME BOMB...

Michael Thomas

Who said Homeland Security was a failure?
L.B. Scott

I swear it feels like my heart is going to explode!
Michael Knott

Now, before we do your MRI, I have to ask if there is a chance of any metal in your body that might hurt you during the exam.
Vince Fried

... where it was reported that the Vice President accidentally shoved
a grenade down his hunting partner's throat...

Tom Wilson

Honest Sir, that's where Sarge told me to shove it...
D.G. Henshaw

Always be wary of people with nipple rings!
Matthew Waygood

Modern science reveals the stunning conclusion to the epic saga of the 'old woman who swallowed a fly'.
For future reference, a Tequila Sunrise is tequila, orange juice and GRENADINE.
Brad Hunter

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