Waterslide & Piranha Sanctuary

Come feed the piranhas with your whole family

FYI: This place is for real @ Marco Island, Florida!

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Waterslide and Pirahna Sanctuary

Captions from our readers...

Mothers-in-Law a Specialty!
Des Condon

See darling, this way your suicide can be fun!
Katherine Corfield

Free funeral service with every meal!
Connor Bastian

Special group rate for schools!
Free admission for rappers.
Jacqui Graham

Slip into something exciting!
John Meares

ADMISSION: only 1 arm & a leg
Bob Schultz

Tooth and tail on the menu today.
Linda Newman

Got Humans?
Jennifer Massengill

Humans... the "Other white meat"
The place to go when you're fresh out of dinner ideas.
Employee answering the telephone: 
Welcome to Rachel's Waterslide and Piranha Sanctuary, our fish catch people.
Float on over, we've always got room for one more.
Sign at the entrance, large print: 
We Serve Everyone Here, Regardless of Ethnic Background, Gender, Financial Status, Age or Sexual Orientation/Lifestyle Choices
below in very small print: 
to the Piranhas
Susan Cooper

Bathing Suits Not Required (they get in the pirhana's way)
D. K. Browne

Come feed the fish with your whole family and get rid of any unwanted family members too!
Debra Chapman

The 'with' is a typo.
People said the slide wasn't scary enough. That's when Rachel added the piranhas.
Even with the legal fees, it's been way cheaper than rebuilding.

Piranha sanctuaries: Because non-endangered flesh eating fish need love too.
Brad Hunter

Today’s special: Bloody Marys
Fred Piceno

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