Perfect Fit Bed

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Perfect Fit Bed

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FULLY REVERSIBLE: A) remove mattress, set aside;
B) remove headbolts, (the bed's); C) remove...

Irvin Kauffman

How to catch a Z...
Mark Prairie

The true origin of the expression 'falling asleep'.
For sale: Designer Bed, hardly ever used, previous owner prefers sleeping on her right side.
Idske Mulder

Sleep like a baby, or you'll fall out of bed.
Rhiannyn Grahame

Olympic speed skaters train even in their sleep.
April Dunaway

Before becoming a mattress maker, Bob worked in the homicide unit as the chalk outline artist.
Sue Gosselin

I knew they would take that chalk drawing too far one day.
A bed for the mermaid in your life.
One size fits all...
Della Norton

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