Chocolate Easter Eggs

Cow Cookies for Easter

This cow has a special Easter present 4U

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Easter eggs from a cow

Captions from our readers...

Talk about sitting on it until Easter?
This is where MILK CHOCOLATE comes from -
your guess is where the dark chocolate comes from.

Phil Forde

A cow may catch a hare,
But the hare didn't think that was funny;
Thus the cow started to prepare
A way to catch the Easter Bunny...

Happy Beaster
Idske Mulder

Cluck-cluck-cluck-Moo... Hey!... IF you don't MIND... A little PRIVACY Please!
I sure wish Henrietta would get back soon... I think I'm gonna sneeze!
Due to cross contamination, the cloning experiment was only moderately successful.
Mark Prairie

OOOpps sorry - did I do That?
Rysa Austin

Got... eggs?!?
April Dunaway

If I can turn grass into milk, why are you surprised about this?
Tom DeLaMater

Eat more chicken, Eat more chicken...
James Santos

I'll have the steak and eggs!
Sue Gosselin

Yeah, you think this was so easy? You give it a try!
You said you wanted fresh scrambled eggs. Well here you go - milk and eggs.
Della Norton

Cow eggs? What's next, chicken milk?
Ralph Hammerl

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