Giant Slingshot

When Seat Belts are recommended for back seat drivers

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Advertising billboard with gigantic slingshot attached

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Plan Your Trips with ORBITZ. Save on Flights, Hotels, Cars & Cruises!
Irvin Kauffman

Want to beat the rush hour traffic? Try our new improved SLING SEAT
guaranteed to get there faster. No money back guarantee!

I told you I could beat you to McDonalds.
Phil Forde

It's like being shot out of a slingshot... It's not the flight that kills, it's the sudden stop on landing!
(Note Flag in Background?) Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.....Oi, Oi,

The new transport alternative from Australia to New Zealand! ...Hold on tight! ...NO! WAIT! DON'T!
Mrs Brown

Just because I look like Mel Gibson is no reason to...
Darrel Riffle

Ok, checklist:
*Insurance... Check.
*Safety net... Check.
*Cellphone... Check.
*my final will, written and filed... Check.
*Helmet... uhm... oh boy...

Save our planet! FLY FREE-WILLY STYLE!
Brendan Groeneveld

Well, they said it was a sitting job with good perspectives...
Idske Mulder

After being assured that he would not hit the building again, Bruce agreed to
give it another "shot", all the while hoping he would recover from his lack of dimension.

Killing two birds with one Bruce.
Mark Prairie

My Other Car Is A Catapult.
James Santos

Worried about terrorists? Fly with us!
Eric J. Paquin

The Jolly Green Giant's new toy. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!... The target a can of Corn.
Trying to get to heaven on the seat of my pants.
Della Norton

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