Invisible Motorcycle Race

Half the battle is not to be seen by your opponent

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High Jump Round of the Invisible Motorycle Race

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Zen - and the Art of Air Hockey
Irvin Kauffman

Note to self: tell mess-hall, no more Mexican food.
As soon as Democrats get out of Congress, we expect to get our motorcycles!
So, what would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?
Kirk Lowry

The real airborne troops.
Idske Mulder

Flying monkey first airborne preparing for take off.
Patrick Koch

And when you get up there, switch to the 'V' formation.
Jack Porcenaluk

Chinese troops practice for 100 meter simultaneous jump-rope competition.
Mark Prairie

Featuring our new 'Mind Over Matter' Matrix school.
Candace Tori

The new Chinese Stealth Troop Transport had only one bug left in it.
Now here's discipline, I said 'squad halt' half an hour ago.
Floyd Barker

These are the new workout routines for the military after watching all the Harry Potter movies.
Heath Young

Gentleman... Start your engines...
I didn't see this one coming... Neither did anyone else...
The saying is 'white men can't jump'. Nothing was said about the Chinese...
When I say jump, you don't ask how high. Just jump.
Auditions for the flying monkeys in the Wizard Of Oz.
Della Norton

See, white men can't jump...

No, I will not sit on the toilet seat...
Tim Paul

Chinese land mine locator unit in action.
Howard Chapman

What we all will be driving if Obama is Re-Elected.
Joseph Mills

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