UPS Fishing Boat

When it absolutely has to be there overnight

For those that may want to outrun that marlin that wants to
pull your boat, how about a 2,000 HP, outboard inflatable!

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Here’s the latest drug runner from some European nuts. This thing used to belt across
the English Channel 3 times per week and was just a blur on the radar of the British coast
guard. They were so blown away by the speed of the thing that they brought in a
specialized helicopter to catch it. What was on board? 300 kgs. of pure cocaine...

UPS Fishing Boat with eight high-power motors
Captions from our readers...

Enough 'Horse' power to have a 'Crack' at all your needs!
Irvin Kauffman

Worst case of drug induced compulsive outboard redundancy I've ever seen, Captain!
This puts an end to
Eddie's Ride n' Snort Channel Tours.
Not guaranteed for Canadian

Mark Prairie

When the coast guard arrived they took powder!
Idske Mulder

An engine for every occasion.
S.S. Gas Guzzler
You think that's powerfull? You should see the other half of the boat!
Mrs Brown

I'm so sick of those herrings getting away from me. Well let them try now.
Phil Forde

FOR SALE: Ski boat. Previously used by a church group for Sunday outings.
Never run hard, but does show some potential for the more sporty slalom enthusiast.
Large supply of cotter pins included.

Pat Kelly

Yo-mama power!
Carolyn Baye

Engine Envy?
James Santos

Get-A-Grip & Pray Tours!
Frederick Cordova

Hang on to your AAAAaaaaaaa!
Scott Kovalik

So THAT’s what’s driving up the price of gas worldwide.
Designed by OPEC’s crack team of naval engineers.
Dial-a-Bottle, St. Pierre to Fortune, call: (###)…
Canada Customs officials observed this cigarette boat...
… confiscated by officials. Owner charged with smuggling outboard motors…
Hello. Lloyd’s of London? How much to insure this boat and cargo? Yes. The crew is a crack team.
Dat’s ’de definition of a Euro-Redneck right ’der.
Just a wee bit wider than Panamax…
Clem Reid

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