Hang On To That Thought

Turn your house into view property from every room

“Look Into The Mirror” cheap home renovation ideas

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Interior designer adding view windows to a house room

Captions from our readers...

This house is a mirror image of what it used to be.
Karen Moore

Darn Windows 'Vista' Upgrade!!!
Matt Sullivan

Yeah, I'm gettin' the hang of it.
Relocating made easy! Call now, and you'll also receive...
Yeah, the neighborhood was going to hell in a handbasket,
but then I figured out how to turn that all around!

Kirk Lowry

Don't forget this is really a flat when you step outside!
Idske Mulder

'Meow?' translation: 'OK! Where IS that breeze coming from then?'
'Meow! Meeeeooow!' translation: 'Great! More access to the great outdoors to go potty!'
Snow in the middle of Summer? Ozone friendly air conditioning.
What did we move for? It sure wasn't for the view, THAT'S just the same!
Mrs Brown

I keep tellin' ya people, it's an 'INSIDE JOB'! No, i'ts an 'Outside-In' job. No, it's ALL Inside-Out!
Hm-m-m ? What would happen if I put them in the floor... or the ceiling?
Oh-h oh-h-h....the neighbors Pit Bull can see Tinker, it's running over!
Honey, come help. Which goes where? And where's the flippin' instructions?
Oh my! Another 'Room With a View'.
Bob, this is freakin' me out! I still can't find 'THE FRIGGIN DOOR'!
Barry K, The Big Kahuna

Just Hanging Out
Clark Gibson

These preview windows are a real pane in the glass!
Mark Prairie

Okay, OK... put the freeze-dried cat where?
Irvin Kauffman

Where should I put this window, so the cat can't look out it?
Rick Brennecke

Inspiration: The cat's named Microsoft...
James Santos

No... No... No... Master, please put that on the south wall.
I'm begging you - don't put it there...
Della Norton

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