Goat Power

Call Bubba for a free Goat Quote (comes with wife)

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Goat Power

Captions from our readers...

Comes with matched horns! (extra horny old goats slightly higher in the west)
Irvin Kauffman

All-natural trash-powered alternative to E-85, the latest hybrid is unveiled at today's symposium...
Need gas? Feed beans!
Have goat.... will travel...
Kirk Lowry

Yep, she takes me everywhere she goats!
Who's playing the goat here?
Idske Mulder

They are both blonde but the goat is not wearing the red shirt.
Ian Lehrke

I'm a tea-a-holic. I take my milk with me where ever I go.
Phil Forde

What? You've never seen a bike equipped with a standard side goat?
Robert Johnston

Sports model features tin can accelerator bracket.
Blanch was determined to cure Billy of his tire biting problem.
Although not as fast as her racing pig, Sheila found the goat better for touring.
She still had to avoid 'Smokey Joe's Barbecue Pit' however.

Mark Prairie

Mary needs to have her hearing checked.
I told her she needed to find a scapegoat not find an in shape goat!

Paul Bottel

This is the new Seeing eye Goat... Test drive yours today!
Della Norton

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