Nimrod Ruined

Putting recent Iraq events in perspective

Evil tyrant who led a rebellion against God

“Sadly, we saw this on the BBC news last night (March 5, 2015).
The attachments show winged lions with human heads.
Evelyn and I photographed these in 2002 at Calah (just south of Mosul, Iraq).
They no longer exist.

A few days ago, ISIS militants decided to bulldoze the site although the
extent of the damage has not yet been verified. The news showed these lions
being destroyed; they date back to approximately 850 B.C.

Interestingly, Calah is also called Nimrud (or Nimrod) and according to
Genesis 10 it was Nimrod who built this city. The King James calls him
“a mighty warrior” which is a correct, but very misleading, interpretation of
his name. Nimrod is most likely a title, or description, of the person
rather than his name.

The name Nimrod means “rebellious” or the wicked or evil one - not a
mighty warrior in a good sense but rather an evil tyrant who led a rebellion
against God. Nimrod is probably better known outside the Bible as Gilgamesh.

I find it interesting that the city was built by an evil tyrant who led a
rebellion against God, and now it has been destroyed by ISIS...”

by Roy Turkington, Professor of Plant Ecology, University of British Columbia

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