Mennonite Movies

Shinda’s List - “I could have shaved more...”

Whilst we averted our eyes from the cinema, the Menno Movie Making Mafia was busy. Here is a list of their accomplishments...

4 Wiebes and a Funeral
9 1/2 Wiebes

A Call to Harms
A Few Good Mennos
A Fish Called Agnes
A Reimer Runs Through It
A Streetcar Named Yanka
About Schmitke
Annie Wall
As Good As It Gets, Yet

Barkman Begins
Beverly Hills Koop
Bient Hur
Bowling for Carmen

Chariots of Kielke
Charlotte’s Wiebe
Crouching Teichroeb, Hidden Driedger

Dances with Wolgemuth
Days Of Wiens And Rosenthal
Die Harder
Don’t Be Afraid of the Darp
Driving Miss Driedger
Durchfall starring Jake Bond agent 6.95
Dyck Tracey

Ernest Goes to Bible Camp
Every Which Way But Teuse

Fehr & Buhler’s Day Off
Fist Full Of Zoat
Fleisch Gordon
Friesen Willy

Gone with the Kielke - “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a ham!”
Gone With The Windmill
Goshen Busters
Groening in the Rain
Grumpy Old Mennos
Guess Who’s Coming To Faspa

Hans Zell In Gretna
Harder Day And Night
Harry Peters And The Philosophers Stone
Hollow Wiens (Part I, II, III)
How to Eat Frieda Wiens

I Know What You Did Last Sunday
Indiana Johns and the Rempel of Doom

Jake Buhler’s Day Off

Klassen vs. Klassen

Lawrence Of Altona
Loewen Star
Lord of the Reimers

Mary Poetker
Mennonite Cowboy
Mennos In Black
Missing in Auction
Missionary Impossible
Moby Dueck - “One day you’ll smell ham where there be no ham ... aaaarr”
Monty Pankratz And The Holy Grail
My Fehr Lady

Natural Born Kehlers

On Goosen Pond
One Flew Over The Koop’s Nest

Pleetch Academy
Poultry Jeist
Pulp Friesen

Quest for Zwiebach

Raging Buhler
Rempel Without a Cause
Rempels of the Lost Ark
Revenge of the Herds
Rhineland Cowboy

Saving Private Reimer
Saving Private Ryan Rempel
Shinda’s List - “I could have shaved more...”
Silence Of The Hamms
So I Married An Axe Sharpener
Some Like it Holy
Steinbach Redemption

The Astronaut Farmer Sausage
The Bad News Fehrs
The Bergens of Madison County
The Bergmann of Alcatraz
The Blair Wiebe Project
The German Patient
The Good, The Bad And The Ungers - “When you drash, drash, don’t talk!”
The Grapes of Voth
The Isbrandt Cometh
The Je’biss
The Littlest Hairbraid
The Mighty Dycks
The Prince of Toews
The World According To Goertzen
Top Bun
Twelve Angry Mennos

Unger Games

War Of The Rosenfelds
Weekend At Bernie Toews’
When Cornie Met Sarah
Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wiebe
Who Framed Roger Loewen’s House
Wiens World
Willy Wiebe And The Wareneki Factory
Willy Wiens And The Sausage Factory

Yant Zede Story
Young Guenthers
You’ve Got Mailer


Mouthful Of Information

Happy Face Sandwich

Senior Eye Exam

Chubby Free


Young Rock Star

Restored Beauty

Powerplant Swimsuit Models

Watermelon Cake



Filet Minion

Better Singer

Texas Basketball

Grow Food, Not Lawns

Nut Salesman

Long Yellow Things

Ants Know When Something Is Fake

Think Outside

Despicable Wood Stove
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