Cancer Tree

Cancer research reaches an all-time high

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Cigarette butts piled high

Captions from our readers...

Dave Beauregardin

“Butt Plant” Grow Yore Own...
Jack Byrd

Mum always said smoking stunts your growth...
Gabriel Dench

Oh look, an ash tree for the Butt Sisters.
Ron Wells

A redneck Chia pet.
Michael Thomas

Unable to afford a real Christmas tree,
Joe Bob and Peaches decided to make their own.

L.B. Scott

I don't smoke because I'm addicted. I smoke to decorate; you should see my other designs...
Thomas J. Lela

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!
Idske Mulder

Yeah, BUTT what do ya call it?
Let's ask CIGmond Freud!
Maggie Leinbach

Hammered Coffin Nails!
Irvin Kauffman

Anyone gotta light?
D. K. Browne

One on its own is a cigarette, but I call this baby my cig-regret.
Brad Hunter

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Cockroach Cancer
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