Newfie Fly Groaner – Right On Cue
Fly’in snooker ball proves Newfie might...

Wilbur and his friend Seamus were playing that night for the Newfie snooker championship, and it was Seamus’s shot. Just as he started to shoot for the 8-ball, a fly lit exactly on top of the ball.

“I’m gonna kill that fly with my next shot,” Seamus said.

Time stood still while the two Newfies booked bets with bar patrons on whether he would or not.
The fly also stood pat.

Everybody in the house was expecting Seamus to loft the cue ball so it would light on top of the insect and exterminate it.

When they finally got all their bets made, Seamus chalked his cue and knocked the 8-ball out from under that fly so quick that it fell on the table and broke its back!