Dent Damage - New “V”8 Design

Lumbering along in your prized sports car

When your car commits Tree-son?

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Car gets hit by falling tree

Captions from our readers...

Friggin' Beavers!!!
Kirk Lowry

My slow Tree Speed Automatic.
Vic Mar

Holed Car Hydraulic, all aboard!
Dave Beauregardin

The day can only get better from here!
Kathleen Palo

FAKE PHOTO WARNING: I was taken in completely, until I noticed the car was winking!
George Bergmann

Don't worry, it'll buff right out.
Diane Lanthier

Uh... would it be too late to say 'Timber'?
Tiara Shanafelt

American Obesity Numbers Rise
Helena Pogonowska

Why did the tree cross the road?
Ron McCoy

Yeah, Greg? Yeah, I really appreciate you letting me use your car...
What? No, I didn't hit anything. In fact, the front and the back of the car are just fine.

Vince Fried

Ooops! Can't U take a joke?
Maggie Leinbach

...and then suddenly, through forces not yet fully understood,
the driver's seat became the new center of a black hole.

David Pineda

4 Sail - Tree Forward Gears - Hugs de Road
Irvin Kauffman

The Environmentally Friendly Weight Differential Upgrade
There's an angry girlfriend and a satisfied Lumberjack in the neighborhood.
Nico Milanes

Well, honey... it's like this... see...
Carol Thornton

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