Where Would You Rather Live?
City choices for retirement living

Angel, Ohio, or Devil Town, Ohio?
Death Valley, California, or Life, Tennessee?
Defeated, Tennessee, or Can Do, North Dakota?
Dog Creek, Oklahoma, or Cat Creek, Montana?
Dumbell, Wyoming, or Smart, Virginia?
Fate, Texas, or Chance, Montana?
Fuller, Montana, or Hungry Horse, Montana?
Gay, Oklahoma, or Straight, Oklahoma?
Hell, Michigan, or Paradise, California?
Justice, Kentucky, or Liberty, Kentucky?
Lightville, Ohio, or Darkesville, West Virginia?
Love Cove, Maine, or Hate Cove, Massachusetts?
Moon, Mississippi, or Sun, Mississippi?
Mummie, Kentucky, or Papa, Hawaii?
Peace, Alabama, or War, West Virginia?
Poor, Tennessee, or Rich, Tennessee?
Pull Tight, Alabama, or Push, Arkansas?
Rapture, Indiana, or Boring, Oregon?
Republican, North Carolina, or Democrat, Arkansas?
Rock, Kansas, or Roll, Oklahoma?
Silent Grove, Arkansas, or Sound Beach, New York?
Solo, Tennessee, or Duet, Virginia?
Stop, Georgia, or Start, Louisiana?
White, Arkansas, or Black, Alabama?

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