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Amazing Weight Loss Secret!

“Pounds On, Pounds Off” - One plug fits all
Now you can take pounds off as easily as you can put them on!

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Amazing weight loss secret

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I can't weight to buy this gizmo!
Karen Moore

Pop's Top Pops As His Weight Ends!
Irvin Kauffman

I've got a very up-to-date husband: He's self-inflatable!
Idske Mulder

Get Pumped Up
Johnny and Joe Gorilla

Perfect for politicians - Drains off all that HOT AIR they are so full of!
Lynne Wetherell

Bob (Bobber) Robert's threat to 'Blow Himself Up' was overheard by US Homeland
Security agents, and Bob was detained at the border until the agents where satisfied
that Bob could not reach the inflation valve with his own mouth.

Mark Prairie

Lose weight the Old-Fashioned way at Power House Health Club:
No Cheap Fads, Gimmicks or Tricks!

Andrew Edel

Calcified Aorta Protector
Marvin Purser

Health Club fees swell - inflation to blame.
Joseph Howard

The blow up valve is in the wrong place
Ralph Hammerl

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