Bathroom Laptop

When you don’t want the laptop on your lap

Some people like to clean their hands before using their computer

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Bathroom Laptop
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Dang, that was one crappy site...
The Internet... how far is too far? Story at 11...
Image Captions... how far is too far? Story at 11...
Downloading... please wait...
Kirk Lowry

This is shocking!
Idske Mulder

Ding... You’ve Got Mail... 'You dropped the soap... Please turn off webcam before executing retrieval!'
Mark Prairie

This is what tech addiction looks like - time for a 12 step program & a support group!
Ginger Velazquez

The new iFlush Computer... wireless and has a fresh scent!
Marlene K. Goodman

Laptop with a difference: External Recycle Bin
Girish Gangadharan

What, this thing has a web cam... Nobody told me. I’ll be famous!
Mike Morrow

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