Mozart in Africa

Africa’s latest inspiration: disc-located MP3 turntables

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Computer disc mouth - Mozart In Africa

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Just don't ask to see his bellybutton ring.
And if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the CD, just return it for a... HEY!
Sorry, but Vivaldi still tastes better.
Kirk Lowry

Paying Lip Service to Catholicism
Holy Mary - Queen of Heaven
Irvin Kauffman

Keeping a stiff upper lip.
Idske Mulder

Oo een iy ee ee? I an’t ine eh any eer.
Mr. Ungawah, inventor of the versatile o-ring.
Mark Prairie

New Lip Drive - Leaves No Room For Regurgitation. Pow-ah!
Police report: Man spins out of control, arrested for wrong format.
Speak now or forever hold your bytes.
Yvonne Ashmore

Missionaries finally found a use for those old religious CDs that were
lying around the compound.

Somebody needs to explain to these people that they still need a set of speakers
to play the CDs.

Marlene K. Goodman

Show off skills in memory & capacity!
Girish Gangadharan

What do you mean this isn't what Mozart would have wanted?
Man, what do you know!

Cory Prior

A member of the younger generation thinks back to the days of the
LP record and can’t see why anyone would have wanted one.

Tom Clyne

Yes, press my nose to start it, look deeply into my eyes and you can
actually watch the movie. No computer required!

Mike Morrow

The NEXT time she says to “turn that crap off!”, I’ll listen.
Fred Piceno

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