Redneck Swing Tree

Bubba finds romance in his front yard

Stillwater Oklahoma College kids with nothing to do

Tree good tips on becoming a couch potato

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Redneck Swing Tree

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Sofa... So good!
Irvin Kauffman

Louisiana Porch Swing
Next year, fer mah Birfday, Roscoe's gonna get me a porch!
LaZBoy sofa: $900
Chains, hooks, and straps: $150
Tiki torch: $30
Having a yard swing that cost more than your property: priceless...

Kirk Lowry

Floating on a cushion of air.
Tim Paul

Site of the CrazyBoy furniture factory.'
Prototype of the first hang glider.
A possible explanation for the haunted couch, was the tragic demise of Earl Dweezel, who
fell off the couch while trying to lick himself, after consuming a large quantity of dog food.

Mark Prairie

No, we don't have a bedroom. I always sleep on the couch.
This is our cat's couch. Why? Well, inside the house there's no room to swing a cat!
Idske Mulder

Maybe that tornado wasn't such a bad thang. We got us a swing!
Marlene K. Goodman

Did you make a swing with your couch?
Reply:  Nope just hangin' it out to dry.

Krystal Manning

Yeah, this worked out much better than the worn old out
washing machine that we used to have hanging here!

Mike Morrow

Amazon makes history with its first drone delivery.
Fred Piceno

'If your indoor furniture is now your furniture, you just might be a Redneck.' - Jeff Foxworthy
Ralph Hammerl

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