Sushi Earrings

Latest in e-fish-cient goldfish scales

Dangling & drop earrings for every occasion

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Sushi Earrings

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'What About Bob?' goes global with their latest sequil...
Yep... he's one guppy shy of a full load.
Mr. Magorium... the Senile Years.
Kirk Lowry

Genghis Khan's lobe-otomy secret.
Karen Moore

Fishing for new jewelry? Angle these beautiful dangles! Only $9.99 - Comes with Fish Food.
Catch-of-the-Day / No Knocks Offs - All New Dangle-Fish-Earrings. Eat your heart out L. Bobbit!
'NEW' Dangle & Feed Earrings, a product of 'On Golden Pond' Wear-Made Only For the Urban turned Country Outfitter.
Tired of 'Crappie' shopping to find something new to wear? Then you need the sassy and clear 'Gold Fish' Earrings, by String Line Accessories.
Feeling lonely withdrawn? Offshore, Onshore or Inshore - You will shore pull 'em in with these fresh and original 'GO-FISH' danglers!
Yvonne Ashmore

Latest relaxation therapy: Listening to the sounds of Goldfish.
Idske Mulder

At least MY fish is always fresh. Can you say the same?
I've got the fish outside my ears, got the spuds inside my ears. Now just the oil is missing!
Phil Forde

Why you rook at me rike I clazy? Fish say Godzirra about to attack city!
Mark Prairie

This guy looks a little fishy to me.
Tim Paul

Looks like Professor Chan is off his meds again.
Marlene K. Goodman

Finding Nemo has never been easier.
Joe LiVolsi

(Ding-Dong) Sushi Delivery Man
Mike Morrow

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