Bench Fishermen

Forrest hoped he’d snag a rare Louisiana crawfish

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Fishing from a bench in a flooded river

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Any fisherman knows that the best fishin’ is at high tide.
Denzel Hoskins

How many we caught so far?
Those who think we’re fishing? - 27 including the guy who’s taking the photograph!
What have you caught so far?
A truck, a Sedan, St Paul’s Church roof... and You.
Are there any sharks in here?
Nah! Alligators ate all the sharks!
Andrew Banner

See y’al tomorrow?
Yep, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!
Bill McCall

Why miss opportunities when they come knocking at your door and are in plenty?
Girish Gangadharan

Man, ya fall asleep fer a while...
I think there’s catfish on the Jone’s front steps.
Marlene Goodman

Well, what do you think, Jake? Anything to this global warming thing?
Mike Morrow

Every fisherman knows that the fishing is always good after a heavy rain.
Fred Piceno

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