Blessings for Mankind and Womankind
Being politically correct in the Catholic Church

The Pope ended his sermon with the Latin phrase, “Tuti Homini” … Blessed be Mankind.

A woman’s rights group approached the Pope the next day to mention that he blessed all Mankind but not Womankind.

The next day, after His sermon, the Pope concluded by saying, “Tuti Homini, et Tuti Femini” … Blessed be Mankind and Womankind.

The next day a gay-rights group approached the Pope. They said they noticed that he blessed Mankind and Womankind, and asked if he could also bless gay people. The Pope said, “Of course.”

The next day the Pope concluded his sermon with, “Tuti Homini, et Tuti Femini, et Tuti Fruiti.”

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