World’s  “Highest” Outhouse

Reach a new high in this duplex outhouse with out-standing view!

“I think I’ll hold it ’til I get down to the bottom...”

“Tender Contract available for outhouse cleaning: must like heights.”
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World's highest outhouse

Captions from our readers...

Paw... I think ya done went a bit overboard diggin the new outhouse hole...
Mountain-climbers, beware...
... and the best part is, your farts even echo back to ya!!!
Kirk Lowry

Mountain top location: $75,000
Lumber: $150
Nails: $3
Toilet Paper: $1
Taking a crap with a spectacular view: Priceless
Ty Barnes

Look out below!!!
Robert Edwards

Vern, that condor done finally dropped us!
Joe Garrett

As the saying goes, when you're in an outhouse it's like when you're up in the mountains...

This is one way to make it quick and keep Pa from leanin' back.
Marlene Goodman

No need for toilet paper. The fall alone will wipe you out.
Brian Smedley

The hills are alive with the sound of music-al fruit.
India West

Yeah, crap really does roll downhill.
Jim Gill

And they never gave him beans again...
Jamie Flanagan

I'm telling you, it's the fastest way down.
Rickie Messer

How do you spell Mana from heaven?
Paterik Tobias

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