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Two-in-one burglar system for your home!

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Sad end to a cheese addiction...
Gabby Pierce

Dang....that...really wasn't....Provolone....ack....
Honey, could you empty the Man-trap? Apparently it caught something again last night!
Kirk Lowry

So she finally got her man!
Crystal Chapman

OK honey, we caught one of them but the big cheese must have got away!
Sand Breck-Paterson

Jennifer McBeth

Says one mouse to the other: Finally got even with him for murdering all our ancestors!
Idske Mulder

Oddly enough, we were trying to catch a cat burglar!
Charley Watkins

'Hot damn! That's the third Jehovah's Witness this month!
Ed Best

The trap was sprung.
Ron Wells

In an unfortunate accident, Mickey Mouse (dressed as a cat burglar)
was crushed to death at the local cheese factory.

L.B. Scott

And the second rat got the cheese.
Burle O. Cook

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