Redneck Bird Dogs

A Redneck’s favourite hunting buddies

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Redneck Bird Dogs

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Hey, Roscoe... don' look now, butcha got sumpin in yer teeth...
Well, dang, that aint nuttin! Jus' the other day, I wuz chasin this squirrel sooooooooooo big...
Well I'll be... if that thar ain't the purtiest lil' mutt I ever seen...
ain't that yer cousin, Bo? Oh... an yer wif'. You lucky dog!

Grrrrrrrrr, y'all.
Kirk Lowry

Oh gee Billy Bob - what do you think they are looking at?
Julie Waasted

You sure got a pretty mouth!
R.J. Griego

I told ya' not to bite them tires.
Gabby Pierce

Hi I'm Larry, this is my brother Darrell, and my other brother Darrell.
(from the Bob Newhart Show)
Jeny Covill

Billy-Bob's Gen-u-Ine All Amareecan Possum Hounds. If they can sniff 'em they can git 'em...
nothin batter than a heapin bowl of pussum rid-eye gravy an' a side of collar greens. MMMMMMM tongue lappen good!

John E.Goettge

If your dog wears your teeth more than you do... you might be a Redneck.
Hey Millie, how cum ya got that big gap between your front teeth?
Ain'cha never heard about doggie style?

Ed Best

See - Colgate's whiting strips do work.
Ron Wells

Thises whahappons whwn cusans breed, but let me just make one thing clear here.
Them an't my dogs!

Tom Moore

They think we're stupid!
Johnathan Rainey

Yes, our Mom liked horses a lot. Why?
We never could pronounth the 'th' right,
until Ma took uth to the dentithth and had our front teeth fictht.

Idske Mulder

Single Red Dogs (SRD) seeking poodles for fun and romance. We thinks poodles is purty.
Norman Olley

For his tooth we will not grieve... In the "TOOTH FAIRY" we believe!
T. Kay

No matter what happens, we'll stick together!
Maggie Leinbach

Ronaldo's dogs were really disappointed when he told them
they could not go to the World Cup.

Philip Bassett

Daisy duke screen saver.
Linda Newman

Budwiser commercial bloopers... 'Bud, Ruff!, Zer'... 'Joe this just isn't going to work...
Ron McCoy

Never trust a vet that flunked out of dental school.
Jonathan Hemlock

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