Catalogue Shopping

Cut out the middleman - buy your clothes “on line”

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Catalogue Shopping - copy your clothes with a copy machine

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Plagarism at its worst...
New way to 'Beat the Crowds' this holiday season.
Finally, the secret to how Francine always seemed to have the latest fashions on a mail-room-clerk-budget was out...
Kirk Lowry

The office never understood how they got such a high copying bill, and from a department store!
Idske Mulder

Christmas shopping at work with a push of a button!
Jessica Hadley

Can't believe what these new machines will do.
Just add a little soap and water - the clothes come out fresh and new.

Tom Napoli

Returns...? Faxed!
Irvin Kauffman

When housewives return to work.
Scott Kovalik

Office Party!? Office Party!? What ever shall I wear? No problem, we have the office
shopper. At a click of a button your fashions are ready to wear hot off the press.

Della Norton

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