Trampoline Safety

Why trampolines are so dangerous

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Trampoline Safety

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Trampoline safety: get the point?
Okay, Fred... now, to join our little fraternity, all you have to do is...
No prob! We haven't had so much as a single bruise since we installed the new
John Deer Trampoline Safety System!

But Mom... we really CAN'T go outside to play!
Kirk Lowry

Duck the Thirty-Six Point Buck!!!
Irvin Kauffman

Who says trampoline jumping is pointless?
Idske Mulder

I guess you could say, the buck stops here.
Donald H. Sartori

At first, Ernie and Paul's Deer Ranch was a dismal failure. They kept losing deer
every night until they figured out the meshed enclosures were installed upside-down.

Phil McGinley

After Hobo Frank finished of the cheap wine he referred to as 'Trampoline' he staggered over to
the deer and mumbled 'which one a you is Rudolph and what did you do with Santy Claus?'

Mark Prairie

You won't believe the deal I found, a trampoline just over 6 bucks.
David Van Dyk

Take our salt licks away will ya...
Sue Gosselin

CAUTION: this trampoline will get you Horny!
Glenda Mellinger

Just a few pointers on how to use this trampoline.
There is a new point system to trampoline jumping. You get a buck every time you jump...
Della Norton

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