Pink Pet

Fleeced colour-blind teenager

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Girl leading a pink goat by a rope

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Just phoning to complain I think you got my order wrong, I ordered a pink COAT.
Finbarr McSweeney

Um... Joe... what exactly did you put in this coffee? I'm seein' weird stuff...
Information? I'd like the number to that stupid genie. And a hit-man, if you don't mind...
Flowers. Why couldn't he just send flowers???
Kirk Lowry

What do you think about your new pink dye job?
Not Baaaaaaaaaaaad.
But she never asked me, and that really gets my goat.
Donald H. Sartori

Dyed in the wool? No - it's right here with me!
Karen Moore

Mr. Marcel, something happened to that cheap dye job you did on my kid!!!
Are you sure this is how I make a pink Angora sweater?
Marlene K. Goodman

Dad, can you pick me up? They won't allow me on the train for some reason...
Yes, got the sheep. Remember they promised it was in the pink?
Idske Mulder

What happens to your $1500.00 Poodle when you pass in front of the Joe-ks new high-rise office tower.
What one drunk says to another: 'SEE, I told you it wasn't an Elephant!'
Phil McGinley

Hey! That 12 step program isn't working - I'm not seeing a pink elephant any more -
but now it's a pink goat?

Patrick Jozefowicz

Well, I told her not to go out wearing real fur!
Irvin Kauffman

... and the best part is that it glows in the dark. Yeah, no night light
needed in the bedroom any more.

Mike Morrow

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