Company Escape Clause

Thanks, but I think I’ll take the elevator

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Outside the building company escape clause stair steps
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Are you heading up or down the corporate ladder?
Karen Moore

Cutting down on company 'bathroom break' abuse
The irony is, once you reach the bathroom on the 12th floor,
you no longer need to go.

Kirk Lowry

Stairway to the complaint department
The funny part is when the first door locks behind you
and the other one is bolted.

Marlene Goodman

I'm not taking the St.... Aircase!
Idske Mulder

Low Bidder again, huh?
Carl Restivo

Full access to all floors between 83 and 84.
Mike Morrow

They say if you use these stairs, it will cure your hiccups.
Wayne Breighner

Smoking is permitted only on the 17th to 18th floor stairwell.
Fred Piceno

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