The Screech Owl

Poem about Australia’s favourite birds

Whilst wishing not to bore or teach,
The Owl we’ve dubbed as “Barn” or “Screech”,
During times nocturnal or crepuscular,
Soars high above, wings spread and muscular;
And as a clever airborne hunter,
His odds are good for any punter.

At home in oak trees high and green,
The Screech Owl views the landscape scene.
His heart-shaped face and hidden ears,
Must cause small wildlife endless fears;
We learn he loves both mice and moles,
As favoured quests on his patrols.

In farm or wetland, bog or marsh,
Or places that can be quite harsh,
The Screech Owl lives and procreates,
With rare mystique that time predates.
And as he stalks frogs, rats and rabbits,
He uses stealthy owlish habits.

In pursuit of prey, his high repute
Owes much to hearing quite acute.
And ground-life that he hunts to death,
Ignores his snore, hiss, yap or breath;
Yet strangely, when it comes to “hoot”,
With that sound, he’s forever mute.

Prompted by Royal Worcester’s Screech Owl
Issued within its Limited Edition of “Birds of Prey”, 1985.
© Patrick Thomas 2011

“The Australian firm Wirripang Pty. Ltd., has published two of my
anthologies on musical subjects (which derive from my
former profession as an orchestral conductor) and
has released my autobiography -
now available on Wirripang’s website.”
- Patrick Thomas

I'm an early-morning owl. - Patrick Wilson

When the owl sings, the night is silent. - Charles de Leusse

He who has no falcon must hunt with an owl. - Danish Proverb

I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. - Bible

I was born a jackdaw - why should I try to be an owl? - Ogden Nash

Alone and warming his five wits, the white owl in the belfry sits. - Alfred Tennyson

Can grave and formal pass for wise,
When Men the solemn Owl despise? - Benjamin Franklin

I'm a night owl for sure. I was born at 1 A.M., and that's the excuse I use. - Karla Souza

And they bought an Owl, and a useful Cart,
And a pound of Rice, and a Cranberry Tart. - Edward Lear

You can't fly with the owls by night and expect to keep up with the eagles during the day. - Unknown

I think the shocking thing to discover is the owls are not stupid and very feral, very hard to train. - Robbie Coltrane

I rejoice that there are owls. They represent the stark twilight and unsatisfied thoughts which all have. - Henry David Thoreau

He is a rarity which I cannot but be fond of, as one would be of a hog that could fiddle, or a singing owl. - John W. Rochester

I'm a night owl, and luckily my profession supports that. The best ideas come to me in the dead of night. - Josh Fox

Do not trap yourself into an owl's hooting sound
Where sad nights linger through the blackness of a hound - Munia Khan

The inauspiciousness of the owl is nothing but the inauspiciousness of the man who thinks that owl is inauspicious. - Mehmet Murat ildan

I will be deafer than the blue-eyed cat, And thrice as blind as any noonday owl, To holy virgins in their ecstasies. - Alfred Tennyson

He respects Owl, because you can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right. - A. A. Milne

I am like a pelican of the wilderness: I am like an owl of the desert. I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house-top. - Bible

You are Mr. Owl. I am Ms. Hummingbird. We may come from different species but as long as you're a bird, I'm a bird too. - Glad Munaiseche

In New York, everybody looks great and is well dressed, but seeing someone in Ohio wearing Marc Jacobs is like spotting an owl in Central Park. Rare. - Isabel Gillies

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