Delicious dishes can be made with small, dead animals you find beside the road. Since roadkill deteriorates rapidly on hot pavement, choose only fresh meat that has not been picked-over by birds or flies. Store immediately in your beer cooler.


This roadkill is flat - NOT like the groaners @!
Tastes like chicken!

A good size fresh gopher, groundhog or hedgehog
Fresh orange or tin of tangerine segments


  1. Pluck or skin roadkill and wash thoroughly;

  2. Roast roadkill for 15 minutes per pound and 15 minutes over;

  3. Start in hot oven, then reduce to moderate;

  4. Prick skin after first 30 minutes so the fat can run out and give a crisp outside. If the animal is bony, rub with lard or butter;

  5. Garnish with slices of orange, and serve with rice, vegetables and plenty of beer.