Pre-Dawn Breakfast Patrol

Is your home a polar bear beacon?

Providing for the Bear Necessities

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Polar Bear pre dawn patrol

Captions from our readers...

Still dazed after the collision with the igloo, Pete the Polar Bear
searches for his joystick-controlled saucer sled.

Mark Prairie

Well there goes the neighborhood for sure.
These new prefab Igloo condos are just popping up everywhere.
Not only that - these new Yuppie Eskimos are just not as tasty as they used to be.
Darwin McKee

Mmmmmmmmmm... my favorite!!! Crunchy on the outside, yet pleasantly warm and chewy on the inside!
Ummmm... hey, Fred, isn't it YOUR turn to check the mail?
Dang... NO Klondike bar is worth this, satellite or not!
Kirk Lowry

New lunch tray igloos resist polar bear break-ins.
Gabby Pierce

Bear: “I wonder if they are watching the Animal Planet?
Ron Wells

Smile - you're on candid camera!
Linda Newman

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