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Can you do this with your eyeballs?

Captions from our readers...

Just what do you think you're looking at? Haven't you ever seen a Navy Frogman?
Darwin Mckee

Remember when your Mom told you if you made that face long enough,
it'd freeze that way for the rest of your life?
Well... unfortunately... she's calling to say 'toldja so'.

E.T... phone... home...
Kirk Lowry

Ooops, my eyelashes reversed. Damned Photoshop!
J.B. VanAbkoude

I like to watch what I eat.
Ian Lehrke

Sleepy goes dopey.
Gabby Pierce

A sight for sore eyes.
Eye yi yi!
Brian Beach

Rodney the Rubber Man couldn't believe his eyes when the woman walked by in a thong.
Marlene Goodman

I will keep an eye for you.
Ron Wells

OK Mom, I know I've got Dad's eyes. Here! He can have them back.
Brian Smedley

I know they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, but I think I'll pass.
L.B. Scott

I'm Sydney's cousin from Ice Age, I swear!
Shannon McNicol

Where is Stephen King when ya need him?
Pet what?
You're looking mighty low today fella!
Hey, don't look now, but, he's looking at me!
Goo Goo Googlie Eyes
I know you think I'm gorgeous, but this is ridiculous!
A Classic Peeping Tom!
Maggie Leinbach

Oh oh, the wind has changed!!!
Paul Stables

Yes, my father designed the Edsel... why do you ask?
Irvin Kauffman

And this picture is of my Dad when he's just out of bed in the morning.
Scarlet Kinsey

Ok, who took me spinach, cause I'm PopEYE the sailor man, Toot Toot!
Rhonda Clark

'Eye' can't believe anyone can do this, can you?
Beauty is in these eyes that I be holdin'.
Susan Cooper

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