Duct Tape Truck - No-Glass Deliveries

Looking for a camouflage windshield for your delivery van?

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Duct Tape Truck

Captions from our readers...

Finally a Mercedes I can afford.
Just three more payments and it's all mine!
Dan Zerbs

Now compare the quality workmanship of this cut-rate insurance company
to your standard nation-wide insurance... we can't see any difference!

The cops said even though Jethro was so butt-ugly, he still couldn't drive
with a bag over his head. So we improvised.

Yeah, its a Mercedes... but we found out that the 'Bends' part is a little
over-inflated. That windshield ain't got no give to it!

Kirk Lowry

You name it - I'll feed it.
Gabby Pierce

Call Joe's Windshield replacement and we will give you a free box of steaks.
Because we can afford to.
Ron Wells

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